Montessori teachers training diploma

Real opportunities exist in the Montessori teaching occupations.

Real opportunities exist in the Montessori teaching occupations. It is our goal to provide effective Montessori training that meets the skill requirements of employers, and the career aspirations of learners.

A Flexible, Affordable Formula for Success


Our programs are recognized by Montessori schools everywhere that seek well-trained, professional Montessori educators.


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Students of our Montessori programs will:

  • Acquire practical skills and knowledge for success as a Montessori educator for children of the relevant age group.
  • Develop a solid understanding of the history of the Montessori Method, its influence and success. This sets the stage for application and synthesis of Montessori theoretic principles into every aspect of the Montessori environment.
  • Advance teaching skills and practices as they relate to the Montessori Method of teaching in order to become a trained facilitator in the classroom, according to the relevant age group.
  • Develop a solid knowledge base of childhood development within the framework of the Montessori philosophy.

  • Be empowered to develop policies that foster a strong relationship between the parents and the school.
  • Acquire the tools to design a proven Montessori curriculum ready for implementation through the training resources provided in the program, and according to the relevant age group.
  • Gain access to a wide range of resources to accommodate further professional development and enhance the classroom environment with first-class Montessori materials.
  • Receive encouragement to nurture an inclusive Montessori community that embraces classic Montessori methodology with contemporary ideas to further promote the basic philosophy.